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How I got started with Flight Sim Games

I wanted to tell you about my history with Flight Simulation Games for PC. When I was 15 I played a lot of Computer games, but the first time a saw a flight simulator was at a friends house. That was around 7 years ago, my friend was very excited about his new game called Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight. So I went over to check it out.
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 A century of flightI was really impressed, however in the beginning it was not so easy to really fly an airplane. There were lots of controls and things you had to watch. But the game included a flying school, so you could learn how to fly in an easy step by step way.

Back then the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, also known as FS9 was one of the best Flight Simulation Games on the market. There was almost no real competition.

The game had a bit more than 20 different airplanes you could fly. As the theme of this flight simulator was “A Century of Flight”, there were several historic aircrafts, for example the Douglas DC-3, the “The Tin Goose” or even the Wright Flyer.

The best thing was, that for the first time, this flight simulator software had real weather with true three-dimensional clouds, that were forming and dissolving. You could even synchronize the weather with the real world by downloading weather data from real world weather stations.

It was also possible to generate different weather patterns like snow and thunderstorm conditions. The 3D graphics were pretty awesome, lots of small details in the landscape and there was lot’s of traffic at the big airports, just like in the real world.

I was hooked very quickly and wanted the game for myself. Unfortunately but my PC at the time was a bit too old for that game, so I needed to save money for a new computer.

But for this game it was totally worth it to get a brand new fast computer to be able to play it smoothly. Well, and just a few weeks later I got my new PC, and started diving into the world of Flight Sims.

I went through the flying school pretty fast and started playing with my friends on LAN. Playing Flight Simulator Games pretty soon became my biggest hobbie. Sound kind of geeky, but who cares. It’s fun, and it sure helps me a lot now, when I’m going to start  flight school to get my real life pilot license.

Looking back to this game today, I can say it’s still a great game, and I know many people who still play this version, although there are newer versions of this and many other better Flight Games today.

That’s it for today, until next time.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

PC Flight Simulator Games | Best Flight Simulator 2015

What You Need to Know to Find YOUR Best Flight Simulator Game

Best Flight Simulator Game 2015
Update 2015: Time is flying by, and we are already in the year 2015! In this article we will give you an overview of what we think are the best Flight Simulator Games 2015. The new year should bring a lot of new and improved flight sim games, so we will constantly update this article and add new content, as new games are released or updated.

We also have a great choice of the most recommended flight sim hardware and accessories to use with your favourite Flight Simulator Software. Check them out below.

First things first: If someone tries to tell you: This is the best Flight Simulator Game! Then he might be wrong.

Why? Because everyone has his own preferences and might like different things.
So you have to find out, which one of the various PC flight simulator games on the market suits YOU best.

This post should help you with that. Have a look around, to make your decision.

Check out MY Favorite Flight Simulator Game 2015


Are you a shooter or a civil pilot? 

flight simulation game

There is a flight simulation game for everyone

To help you identify what kind of PC Flight Simulator Games would be the most suitable for you, you should ask yourself these questions:

- Do you want to learn flying like a professional civil aviation pilot?


- Do you prefer to shoot down other airplanes and have aerial fights with other players in combat mode?

Check out the games below for each kind of player.

Flight Simulation Games for civil pilots

pc flight simulator game This is for you, if you really want to learn how to fly

This section is for the real flight simulation games. At the end, a flight simulator software's aim is to simulate a real flying experience.

That's why anyone who wants to fly in the real world, can easly get started with a good professional flight simulation game. Most of them have a flying school included. You will learn all about the instruments inside the cockpit and how to use them. There are usually several different airplanes that react differently from each other, when you fly them. For example, you will notice a much bigger lag in reaction, if you fly a big jumbo jet, then when you fly a small Cesna.

In this category there are several interesting games, check them out:

Virtual Pilot 3D

--> Download here

Virtual Pilot 3D is one of the most popular flight simulation games for Mac and PC. The game will give you a great flying experience by its extraordinary graphics and sound quality. In this game, you will find 200+ planes and helicopters to choose from. You will get around 25,000+ real-world airports all around the world.

This game has a large collection of tutorials to help you control every kind of plane and helicopter easily. By playing this game you will get a almost real-life plane and helicopter handling experience like you have never seen before.

Microsofts Flight Simulator X
--> More info

This is one of the popular flight simulation games released by the Microsoft Corporation. I have played the 2004 version and FSX. They are great Flight Sims, because of the huge number of add ons available. But they are a bit outdated now. Better Flight Simulation Games are available.

Pro Flight Simulator
--> Download

Pro Flight Simulator also is a fantastic plane and helicopter simulation game. It has a similar big choice of Airplanes, Helicopters and Airports as Virtual Pilot 3D, but the graphics are not that good.

Click on the links above to check out those games. If you would like to find out, which one is MY favorite Flight Simulation, read on. I will present you the best flight sim for this year and also explain the reasons why no other flight sim comes close to it with its many awesome features.

Combat Flight Simulator Games for Shooters

Here is a choice of Combat Flight Simulator Games

If you are a shooter, than these amazing action PC flight games are for you. These games are all great combat flight simulator games, which will keep you entertained for hours. The planes are easy to steer and there is no need to learn complicated flying stuff. Just fly and shoot and have fun.

Any of the games below are great fun, I handpicked them just for you. So make your choice, I made it easy for you.

My favorite PC Flight Simulator 2015

It doesn't get more realistic than that 

best flight simulator download

I have played many PC Flight Simulator Games in my "pilot" career. I started off with Microsofts FS 2004, which is a really great game. I know many people who still play this game. Some of them even think its better then the newer Version FSX. I have played Microsofts FSX as well, it needs a much faster computer, which is probably the reason, why many flight sim fans dont upgrade. On the other hand FSX has more missions and more realistic graphics, as it displays the world as a globe for the first time. But unfortunately the details of the graphics are in some parts of the world worse than in the 2004 version. Very strange.

However Microsoft FSX came out in 2006 and is now a bit outdated. I was looking for a newer and better Flight Sim, where i would not have to pay for each addon and extra aircraft. My friend intoduced me to Virtual Pilot 3D, which is a new Flight Simulator for 2015 based on an open source software.

It offers so much more than Microsofts FSX. Read on to see the facts, why this is my best Flight simulator game for 2015.

Why Virtual Pilot 3D is MY Best Flight Simulator 2015

It's the most realistic and comprehensive flight package today

best flight simulator 2013
  • Free Lifetime Updates & Upgrades- Game is constantly improving

  • 200 + different airplanes and even helicopters & more being added regularly

  • More than 25.000 real world airports all around the world

  • Super realistic worldwide scenery based on NASA mapping data

  • FAA certified and used as a alternative LIVE training platform for professional pilots
  • Works on PC and MAC + full Hardware support for all types of hardware like Yokes, Pedals, and up to 9 Screens!!

This is as close as it gets to Real Flying

Download Virtual Pilot 3D here
  • Realistic night lightning
  • Very realistic controls - gives you more real life like flying experience
  • Great multiplayer mode with lost of players online at all times
  • Awesome realtime weather conditions
  • Professional flight simulator, that is used in flight schools and TV productions
  • Fly around the whole world
  • Support for all kinds of flight controllers, like yoke, throttle and foot pedals
  • Best selling Flight simulator game at this time

Virtual Pilot 3D can be downloaded straight away from the members area to your PC. So you could start flying within minutes. But it's also possible to order a DVD for this game, in case your internet connection is a bit slow.

A pilot needs a headset!

This is my favourite Real Aviation Headset I use

real Aviation Headset

With the proper hardware you can make you flight simulator experience even more realistic. I use a real Aviation Headset which gives me a more realistic feeling when flying. It includes a mp3 input, so you can connect it to you computer, mp3 player, iPod, radio....

It looks great, it's lightweight and very comfortable. Click on the picture for more details...

Airplane Flight Simulator Games on Facebook

Conclusion for our Test of the Best Flight Simulator Games 2015

If you think Microsoft FSX is the best flight sim out there, you have not seen Virtual Pilot 3D. Check all the features it has, plus the amazing lifetimes updates/upgrades. A game that is constantly evolving, and offering new airplanes regularly, and all for just a one time fee. With Microsofts FSX already being more than 4 years old, it just can't compete anymore with the newer Flight Simulators like Virtual Pilot 3D.

Let's see if Microsoft will come out soon with a newer version, but I really doubt it, as I read somewhere they canceled their relations with the company that used to develop FSX.

I hope you found this post helpful for finding your best flight sim for 2015.

Enhance your Flying Experience!

Please vote your favorite game hardware...

Extra hardware for flight simulation software makes those games so much more enjoyable and real. What are your favorites? I recommend products from CH. I think they are among the best you can get.

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Best Flight Simulator for PC and Mac - A Great Flying Experience with the Airplane Simulator Virtual Pilot 3D

Hi, my name is Shaun Scott, I'm a avid gamer and flight simulation enthusiast. I have played many airplane simulator games during the last five years and can surely say that the flight simulator games market has evolved a lot during those years.

With so many flight simulators in the market, you would expect enthusiasts like me to have a tough time picking a PC fly simulator that provides a satisfying experience. However, this is not the case, as there is a considerable difference between the Best Flight Simulator for PC - Virtual Pilot 3D, and the rest. If you are in a hurry, click the download button below, otherwise read on!

Click here to go to the Flight Simulator Download Page

flight simulator download

Flight simulator games for PC and Mac are virtual reality programs that are used to mimic real life flight conditions by providing a cockpit environment and sensations that are similar to those experienced in actual flight conditions. Airplane simulator games incorporate a variety of aircrafts, airports and flight conditions, to enhance the fun and educational purpose.

They are especially popular among individuals who enjoy the flying experience and cannot afford to spend loads of money flying an actual plane, as well as taking piloting classes in order to gain more experience and log in more flying hours. This is especially true for myself, as I used flight sims to prepare for my pilot classes.

A New Flight Simulator on the Horizon

If you are one of those people who dream of flying a plane and have never had the opportunity to get behind aircraft controls, then you can satisfy that need with the best flight simulator for PC or Mac. The new flight simulator Virtual Pilot 3D provides you with a realistic sense of being in charge of a powerful machine, giving you a fun experience that also builds your knowledge about aircrafts and flying. This program supports all kinds of hardware that are currently available for use in flight simulation games, including the flight control systems and foot pedals.

best flight simulator for PC


Fly over 200 Airplanes and Helicopters at 25.000 Airports around the World


Flight Simulator DownloadThe VIP package of Virtual Pilot 3D is the best flight simulator download (you can download the software instantly to your PC or Mac) with over 200 aircrafts, including helicopters, 25,000 real-world airports, and a 60 day guarantee.

With this package, you are also entitled to free upgrades for life. If you don't have a fast internet connection you can also choose to have the game shipped to you in 4 DVD's.

You can also choose to purchase either the upgraded or basic packages. However, the basic download package has less features compared toClick here to download Virtual Pilot 3D instantly! the VIP one, this package does not include the 30 extra combat aircraft models, the aircraft guide and manual, and the built-in interactive tutorials from the premium package, among others.


Other Fly Simulator Games

There are other popular flight simulators for PC and Mac, such as Microsoft FSX, Pro Flight Simulator and X-Plane. They have good flight models, as well as first-rate terrain and road data, though a variety of other functionalities do not match those of virtual pilot 3D. They also have fewer features. X-plane, for instance, has a variety of incomplete features and lacks actual missions or tutorials, which eliminates the gaming experience.

Features to look for in a Flight Simulator Game

The choice of a flight sim usually depends on the objective of the gamer. An aviation enthusiast or pro pilot may prefer advanced features and superior functionality, compared to a casual gamer looking to pass time. When shopping for a flight simulator, you will realize a few of them have basic packages with the option to upgrade for an advanced experience. This is beneficial for you since you can sample the graphics and sceneries before paying for a game with minima features that deprive you of an enjoyable flight experience.

Click here for the Flight Simulator Download
You can also go through reviews and posts on forums to get the opinions and suggestions of other consumers of PC flight simulators. I have done this a lot, which led me to the conclusion that Virtual Pilot 3D is the best flight simulator available.

Some of the things that you look for when buying a new flight simulator include: high resolution for clear pictures, landscapes and sceneries that appear real, easy adjustment of scenic setting without resulting in distortion, and interesting features and missions that keep you glued to your PC. Look for a flight simulator game that has detailed instructions since this will enhance your gaming experience by improving your skills and experience.

At first, you will find it challenging to navigate your aircraft through missions, but this is not unusual. As you go through the tutorials and keep applying what you learn, you will become a pro in no time. With a good flight simulator game, you will be able to adjust fast to the aircraft controls and commands.

What is the best Flight Simulator for PC and Mac?

As I mentioned earlier, there are many flight simulators, but having experimented with most of them, I can say with certainty that Virtual Pilot 3D is the best flight simulator for PC. You do not have to take my word for it. Get the VIP package for Mac, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 systems, and test it yourself.

You get to take off and land anywhere is the world using a real cockpit; fly in real-life terrain acquired from military grade maps; experience wind and weather effects; use an ATC system that comprises Ground, Departure, Tower, Approach and Centre ATC; and use the in-built Google Maps finder to locate and connect with other Virtual Pilot 3D users.

For a more realistic experience, you can connect all types of hardware like flight control systems, foot pedals, yoke, TrackIR and joysticks. When you get stuck, you can always get in touch with customer care for guidance or you can just contact me, I'm always happy to connect with other flight sim fans and help them out. Enjoy the flying experience!

Check out the Details of Virtual Pilot 3D at the official Website by clicking here!


Download the new Flight Simulator here



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